The finest collection of Greek luxury villas.


A holiday in a luxury villa combines the service of a Five Star hotel, but with added privacy, space and independence – somewhere to do what you want, when you want. Somewhere to be as comfortable as in your own home.
In a villa, you work to your own timetable, no one else’s.
Over the years we have created a specially curated collection of more than 300 of the best luxury villas in Greece.  Every luxury villa that we feature in Greece (and their owners and staff) are all hand-picked and go through an extensive vetting process to ensure they meet our exacting standards. We truly understand ‘what makes a great luxury villa’  - it does not need to be expensive to be one of the best. 
We’re looking for comfort, quality, character… that elusive ‘certain something’.
We know Greece inside out – from the ‘hidden gem’ secret islands, to the perennial favourites.  Our luxury villas are located across the Greek mainland and 25 Greek islands, all offering different holiday experiences.  Our expert team will guide you towards the best options for your next holidays in Greece.
Every holiday wish-list is unique. If you’re looking for a spacious child-friendly villa with a gorgeous sea view, or something more intimate or charming, we have something that would work for your group. You could have small children, teenagers, several generations, or be a group of friends, couples or singles of any age. 
Our luxury villas feature a variety of interior styles, from ‘authentically Greek’ to ‘designer chic’, from 2 to 18 bedrooms, with prices from €5,000 per week, right up to €200,000 per week – and everything in between!  
We can arrange every type of service that you might require during your holiday, from child-care or private chefs, a local cook or VIP nightlife experiences.
So whether you crave utter peace, or can’t wait to hit the beach clubs of the Greek islands, let us take care of everything from beginning to end. The only thing you need to do is catch your flight.
At The Greek Villas, we’re passionate about the ‘villa experience’.
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