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When it comes to the many qualities that rank the Greek islands among the world's most sought after holiday destinations, Skiathos ticks all the boxes: glorious weather, sunny beaches with Caribbean-blue waters, a seaside town peppered with restaurants and bars and a vibrant nightlife.

It is no wonder then that many first time visitors fall in love with the island and return time and time again. With its lush slopes that stretch down to pristine stretches of fine sand, and the rocky coves that overlook the Aegean, Skiathos offers picture perfect views at every turn. The island's main town boasts beautiful stone houses with terracotta roofs and a bustling marina lined with yachts and sailing boats.

Skiathos Highlights

Skiathos town

The bustling town of Skiathos boasts beautiful red-roofed houses, a dreamy waterfront and an array of bars, restaurants, cafes and fashionable shops. The waterfront leads to the lush islet of Burgi that is connected to the town by a footbridge.

Evangelistria monastery

An imposing 18th century monastery that houses an eclectic collection of ecclesiastical artefacts, rare books and manuscripts from the 17th and 18th century, musical instruments and even the loom where the first flag of Greece was created after the Greek war of independence in 1821.

The medieval castle

The medieval castle is perched on a hilltop close to the town of Skiathos, overlooking the island's rolling countryside and the sea. Once a busy settlement of 300 dwellings and 22 churches, all that survives today is a church, but that offers a glimpse to its glorious past.

House of Papadiamandis

Hidden in the alleys of Skiathos' town is the house of Alexandros Papadiamandis, one of Greece's most important writers. The house has been turned into a museum with many folk items on display.
What to do & see in Skiathos

Skiathos is a great option for families and singles alike, offering a wide range of entertainment, great food and a cosmopolitan vibe. The island is famed for its coastline for good reason - there are more than 65 beaches to choose from. The verdant interior offers gorgeous hiking paths for on-foot exploration. Sea-lovers can charter a sail-boat for an excursion around the spectacularly beautiful marine park of Alonissos and the neighbouring islets.

Best beaches in Skiathos
Abelakia Xenia Abelakia Xenia is in essence an extension of Koukounaries, separated by the famous beach by a few rocks. The sandy beach boasts crystal blue waters and is backed by a lush pine-tree forest that offers plenty of natural shade.
Big and Little Banana Big Banana is a beautiful sandy bay with crystal clear waters surrounded by greenery. The beach is organised and offers loungers, bars and an array of water-sports. A few steps further along, the nudist beach of Little Banana is dotted with loungers and embraced by lush hillsides.
Kanapitsa An organised beach with golden sand and glorious waters, about 7km away from the town of Skiathos. This beach is famed for its sunset views.
Kastro An exotic beach at the foot of the island's old castle. The lush, fine-sand bay is accessible by sea or, if you're in a hiking mood, via a gorgeous pebbled path that connects the beach to the castle.
Koukounaries This is the island's most popular beach and perhaps the most beautiful too. Its spectacular scenery of fine golden sand, shallow turquoise waters, rolling hills dotted with pine-trees and the lake of Strofilia creates a picture-perfect setting that captures tourists and locals alike.
Lalaria Accessible only by boat, the dramatic setting of Lalaria is not to be missed. Protected by imposing white cliffs, the pebble-beach boasts dazzling turquoise waters that ranks this beach among the best of the island.
Mandraki The area of Mandraki contains three exquisite beaches, the Port of Xerxis, a fine-sand stretch with turquoise waters, Elia and Agistros.
Mikri Aselinos A fine-sand beach at the northern part of the island that remains relatively quiet even during peak season. The waters are crystal clear, yet when there are northern winds the sea can get a little rough.
Vromolimnos A sandy stretch with calm, crystal clear waters tucked into a lush bay. The beach offers loungers, water sports, beach bars and tavernas and attracts mainly young crowds.
How to get to Skiathos

Skiathos airport is served by several international flights from Greek and other European cities. Ferries and catamarans leave from Volos or Agios Konstandinos in mainland Greece.

Where to stay in Skiathos

Up until recently, Skiathos was very popular with the local Greek market, but relatively unknown to tourists. During the last decade, however, the island is slowly becoming a favourite among savvy travellers. There is a brilliant collection of luxury villas in Skiathos, ranging from impressive mansions to elegant holiday villas that enjoy breathtaking views.  Our Greek Villas team has created a diverse portfolio of holiday villas to rent that includes all of the best luxury villas at the island's hottest locations to make sure that you find your perfect holiday villa.