Porto Heli | Peloponnese

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Porto Heli

A hidden gem nestled in the Peloponnesian coast, and relatively unknown to tourists, Porto Heli has become an exclusive enclave for the world's elite.  Loved for its natural beauty, excellent array of entertainment options and, last but not least, for the privacy this little-known destination offers to those who are longing for some time away from the spotlight.

The opening of a Nikki Beach resort in the area brought attention to a fact that savvy Athenian weekenders had long known: Porto Heli carries the sophisticated elegance of neighbouring Hydra and Spetses, plus something that those islands don't have: verdant scenery and a stunning coastline punctuated by excellent beaches.

Add to that its privileged location (it is only a couple of hours drive from Athens), its convenient connections to the Saronic islands, and its close proximity to a number of charming villages and sites of archaeological interest, and you will begin to understand why Porto Heli features a growing number of undeniably luxurious villas.

Porto Heli Highlights

The harbor

The bay of Porto Heli is naturally surrounded by lush hillsides that roll all the way down to the beautiful coastline. Its waterfront is lined with bars, restaurants and neoclassical houses that offer sublime views across the bay.

The Acropolis of Halieis

Porto Heli's ancient name was Halieis and the earliest settlements in the area date back to the 8th to 7th century BC. In the classical period, the walls of the city also enclosed a small harbor. A sanctuary of Apollo was discovered underwater.


About an hour away from Porto Heli lies Mycenae, the kingdom of mythical king Agamemnon that was first celebrated in the poems of Homer. Mycenae was one of ancient Greece’s most important and richest kingdoms and named one of ancient times' greatest civilizations.

The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

The ancient theatre is located 45 minutes away from Porto Heli, at the town of Epidaurus, within the archaeological site of the Sanctuary of Asklepios. The theatre still hosts performances during summertime, under the celebrated Festival of Epidaurus.
What to do & see in Porto Heli

Porto Heli boasts a beautiful harbor and a promenade perfect for lazy strolls under starry night skies. The area's coast, beaches and calm waters make it ideal for swimming or watersports -you will find everything here, from waterskiing and sailing to snorkeling and diving.  

Just a short drive away from Porto Heli, you will find Ermioni, offering a wide choice of seafood tavernas and a lively nightlife. The seaside village of Kilada sports two well-known shipyards and a charming harbor dotted with a variety of fishing-boats. Here, you will also find Lepitsa, one of the area's most beautiful beaches.

Spetses and Hydra are a must-do for anyone staying in Porto Heli. Water-taxis, catamarans and rental boats will take you to the neighbouring islands with their picturesque ports, restored neoclassical mansions, and excellent array of restaurants and bars.

If you and interested in culture and the arts, check the schedule of the Festival of Epidaurus -such a unique experience to watch a performance at the same place where people gathered to watch athletics and celebrated the arts many thousands of years ago.