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Abundant in diversified sceneries

Abundant in diversified sceneries, Peloponnese is a blessed land for all seasons and all tastes.

Peloponnese is the largest peninsula of Greece and consists in 7 prefectures within its 21.500 m2. A land blessed by nature with hundreds of villages and some of the most populated towns in the country, Peloponnese is in itself an experience that needs to be lived in maximum lengths.

Starting from Athens, Peloponnese is reached at less than 1,5 hour drive and all of its wonders are instantly unraveled before the visitors’ eyes. A beautiful laced coast so diversified as its mainland: sandy beaches, pebbled coves, organized resorts, secluded bays, rocky sceneries, all await guests for the holiday of their life.

Peloponnese is suited for all year holidays as it offers everything. Seaside towns and villages, organized camping sites, majestic trajectories in its lush forests, rivers, waterfalls and lakes, a few of Greece’s highest mountains with traditional stone built villages and even a ski center. And of course it boasts a rich gastronomic tradition crowned by the olive oil produced in its fertile lands which is considered to be the best olive oil in Greece.

Peloponnese Highlights


Mani is a wide region divided in two parts: Mani of Laconia and Mani of Messini. The first one represents the raw and rough face of Peloponnese. Built within massive rocks and bare mountains, this place boasts a wild, untouched beauty that seems almost unearthly. The area features a few popular settlements where traditional houses have been refurbished to private villas or luxury boutique resorts. Other than that, Laconic Mani is not massively developed maintaining its natural character and its overwhelming energy with a few small taverns and old cafes for a sip of authentic tradition. Visitors should definitely pass to the other part of Mani, the Messinian one, which is like a fairytale scenery, painted with lushly vegetated hills, traditional villages and refreshing coasts.

Epidavros & Nafplio

Just a breath away from Athens, Epidavros is the Mecca of the revived ancient Greek culture. The two ancient theatres of Epidavros are a pole of attraction for thousands of people each summer that want to enjoy some of the relived ancient Greek plays. Epidavros is also a region of vast natural beauty with amazing coasts and nearby sites of interest. In less than a 30’ minute drive, one will find Nafplio, the painting-like town with paved alleys and neoclassical buildings still holding up to its past grandeur as the first capital of Greece. An hour away from Nafplio, driving to the south, visitors will reach Porto Heli known as the Greek Riviera. Porto Heli is a cosmopolitan area overlooking the island of Spetses filled with newly built properties to rent throughout its verdant landscape.


Monemvasia is located on the south-east part of Peloponnese and is a small settlement developed around the magnificent rock of the Castle. When entering the area, you feel you are drawn to a travel back to the legendary past of the place and guided right to the well-preserved old Castle town. And when you set foot at the Castle hill, then the magic begins. While ascending the cliff you are surrounded by nature at its purest; from one hand the imposing rock and the other the endless sea. Entering the Castle is the zenith of this travel back in time; stone paved narrow alleys encircling the settlement’s centre with small shops and uniquely refurbished galleries and hotels, all in tune with the rocky ambience and the legendary past.


Kalamata is located at the mid-south part of Peloponnese, within Messinia prefecture, and is one of the most vibrant towns of Peloponnese. Built between the foots of the imposing Taygetos and the coasts of Messinian bay, Kalamata is a town one can easily live in. Its amazing coastline, its rich archaeological history, a wide range of restaurants, bars and cafes, stone paved alleys and cultural sites, the convenience to just hop in the car and drive to numerous nearby areas of utmost natural beauty and historic significance make this town a holiday must-stay. Sharing the natural beauty of the entire Peloponnese, Kalamata should be the first stop of your holidays and the starting point for exploring other popular spots and amazing resorts of the southern Peloponnese.
What to do & see in Peloponnese

Peloponnese is full of options for all travelers and all tastes. Whether you are travelling during winter or summer, whatever you need or want to do, just name it!

A diversified coastline of a few thousand kilometres hosting all kinds of beaches, coves, bays, shores, the coastline of Peloponnese calls for exploration during summer. Clean waters and amazing surroundings will compensate travelers who choose to have a road trip throughout the peninsula. In order to fully enjoy the amazing beach life Peloponnese has to offer, we suggest heading south from Corinth, pass through the entire southern part and ascend the west coast, which is actually an endless sandy coast.

For those who love lush forests and mountain trekking paths, Peloponnese is full of hidden treasures in its blessed mainland. The prefecture of Arcadia, right at the heart of the peninsula, is full of traditional villages scattered throughout Menalo and Parnonas mountains. The mountainous part of the prefecture of Corinthia is a bliss for all senses. Best visited during autumn, winter and spring, the area is full of untouched natural beauty with the artificial Doksa lake, the mountains full of fir trees – no wonder why the place is known as Greece’s Switzerland –, the ski centre of Kalavryta, Trikala with its amazing array of traditional accommodation and taverns, and many more.

Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games, is located at the north-western part of Peloponnese and it is one of the most sacred places of ancient times. The area still exudes the energy of its glorious times and visitors will have the chance to see all the ancient masterpieces dedicated to Zeus and other Gods of the Twelve Olympians.

Methoni, Koroni and Pylos are also three settlements of graphic beauty and can be all visited while touring the southern part of Messinia. Other places of utter natural beauty are the Cave of Diros, the natural reserve of Gialova, the gorge of Lousios river, the enchanted forest of Foloi and Tsivlou lake. Polylimnio, meaning many lakes in Greek, and Neda’s waterfalls are two of the most beautiful and well reserved biotopes with natural waterfalls, ponds and rivers amidst the lush green hearts of the mountains around them. A swim there is a must for hot, summer days!

Best beaches in Peloponnese
Voidokilia While ascending the western coast from Messinia to Ilia (Elis), the famous beach of Voidokilia is found. A coast of exceptional natural beauty due to its unique shape forming a circle, Voidokilia is one of the most popular beaches not only in Peloponnese but all of Greece. Due to its formation the sea here is rarely wild; this and its thin sandy coast make it ideal for a delightful day at the beach.
Elafonisos The worldwide known Simos beach is located at Elafonisos, right across Neapolis in Laconia. Words cannot express the scenery that has enchanted millions of visitors to this magical place. Tropical colours prevail, thin whitish sand forming sand dunes and hills, white sand lilies and literally transparent waters in the lightest tones of blue and green can only approximately describe the canvas of Simos.
Zacharo Zacharo is one of the longest beaches that takes over almost all of the coastline of Ilia (Elis) prefecture. Its thin, soft golden sand is the landmark of the entire area while, due to its vast extend, it offers numerous options. Organized spots, vibrant beach bars, water sports, calm and quiet areas, numerous facilities, taverns and cafes are scattered throughout its length and sea promenade.
Tolo Tolo is located at only 20’ minutes’ drive from Nafplio and it consists in a large and wide sandy coast fully organized at its most part. Ideal for families with young children, the beach of Tolo has easy access to the main road, large parking lots and numerous beach facilities. The area features quite a few taverns and bars along with various accommodation options.
Gerolimenas Gerolimenas is one of the most popular settlements in Mani, Laconia, and it definitely shares the wild and untouched beauty of the area. The coast is quite small but there are a few spots from which visitors can dive into the crystal clear transparent waters and indulge in the imposing rocky view surrounding the resort.
Limeni A charming village for summer vacations and excursions, Limeni boasts a graphic promenade with cafes and taverns. There is actually no coast here but a dive from the rocks to the clean, refreshing sea is a must. Light blue to deep azure waters, a traditionally built settlement, local gastronomic delights and a cosmopolitan flair are what Limeni has to offer; and it is all one can ask for for a refreshing summer trip.
Porto Kagio While being right at the top of the wild and rough mountains of Mani, Laconia, and gazing the breathtaking views surrounding you, if you take a glimpse right towards Porto Kayio bay, you will see a small, quiet and windless haven for yacht travelers. The beach is quite small and partially organized but it is definitely worth descending to Porto Kayio and taste the serenity and authenticity of its untouched laps.
Foneas One of the most picturesque bays of Mani in Messinia, Foneas, is a small cove nestled within lush greenery, rocky formations and emerald to deep blue waters. The beach is not organized and features a shore of small white pebbles while snorkeling is actually mandatory due to its rich seabed. The cove’s landmark is the huge stone nailed in the middle of the coast right at the seashore. The perfect place to relax and enjoy the area’s abundant natural beauty.
Elea Elea is located at the west coast of Peloponnese right above Kyparissia. The area boasts a unique natural beauty and is a famous biotope thus a protected area. The coast is amazingly long and wide while being a famous spot for sea turtle eggs’ hatching. The sun-kissed sandy coast, the Ionian coloured waters and the lush pine forest that extends for many kilometers along the coast create the most relaxing ambience to get lost in. The beach is completely non-organized.
Mavrovouni A wide and lengthy coast located between Finikounta and Methoni, at Messinia. Soft thin sand, transparent turquoise waters and a lunar landscape make up the perfect spot to indulge in a serene day at the beach. When visiting Mavrovouni one should definitely take the chance to tour around the popular castles of Methoni and Koroni located nearby and then relax with a glass of wine and traditional delicacies in one of the local taverns.
Fokiano At about 1 hr south of Leonidio a hidden gem, Fokiano, is to be found. A serene, calm, long bay forming a half circle, with large white pebbles and crystal clear azure waters, Fokiano is one of the most untouched places in Peloponnese. The way to the beach is quite difficult thus the coast is usually empty and quiet. The surrounding verdant mountain slopes protect it from strong winds and currents so it will rarely be windy.
Karathonas Right beneath the huge rock of Palamidi Castle at Nafplio, the long sandy beach of Karathonas is located. Karathonas is mostly an organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, beach bars and seaside taverns while it’s the ideal spot for water sports lovers as it boasts a local water sports academy. With shallow clean waters and a few trees scattered along its extend, Karathonas is also a convenient solution for families with young children.
Kyparissi Kyparissi is located at the north-eastern part of Laconia and is the coast of the homonymous settlement. Kyparissi is a treasure well-hidden amidst the verdant slopes of mount Parnonas and the deep blue sea. Graphic and picturesque, the village seems to have been left untouched through time with traditionally built houses and a small calm port full of fishing boats. The settlement offers two beaches, both pebbled with crystalline, transparent waters.
Pori Pori beach is found at the same bay hosting the magnificent Castle of Monemvasia. A wide and long coast with thin greyish sand and refreshing clean waters, Pori is the perfect place for all types of visitors. Mostly organized with natural shade by the pine and tamarisk trees embracing the shore, Pori is just a few minutes’ drive from the popular Monemvasia, so do not miss to visit the Castle during sunset.
Loutra Kyllinis One of the most beautiful beach resorts in the north-western part of Peloponnese, Loutra Kyllinis is a coast almost 5km long with thin golden sand and amazing views to the Ionian Sea. Loutra Kyllinis is a fully organized beach with all beach facilities, beach bars, canteens and even infrastructure for people with limited mobility. The waters are shallow and transparent making them ideal for young children while it also provides water sports facilities and equipment.
Kalogria Surrounded by verdant hills, Kalogria is found at Mani, Messinia, and is one of the most famous beaches in the area. A charming, picturesque cove with azure shallow waters, ideal for young children, and thin sand that is usually swamped with bathers during summer months. Fully organized with a beach volley field, water sports, taverns and beach bars, Kalogria is one of the must-visits when in the area. Springs of water from Taygetos Mountain end up to Kalogria’s bay, thus its waters may be at places quite cold.
Finikounta A family resort with a beautiful long sandy coast and clean waters, Finikounta is located at Messinia, in between the towns of Methoni and Koroni. Finikounta is not a vibrant spot for cosmopolitan holidays although it offers everything a visitor may need. A graphic small port, a busy promenade with a few bars and taverns, many accommodation options and a beautiful, calm beach of moments of utter relaxation.
Agia Varvara Agia Varvara is one of the few actual coasts of the Laconic Mani and, as such, is a popular spot among travelers. Thin, light coloured sand, cool turquoise waters and a few lush oleander trees, create a refreshing ambience for a calm and soothing day at the beach. Right at the edge of the beach you will find a small fish tavern ready to welcome you after a full day under the resplendent sun.
How to get to Peloponnese

Peloponnese is only 80 km away from Athens and, as such, one can flight to Athens and then drive there. In any case and as it is a huge peninsula with far too many points of interest, visitors should definitely make arrangements for a car in order to be able to enjoy their trip at its fullest. One can also fly directly to Kalamata, whose airport serves various non-domestic flights during summer months or even reach Patras, at the northern part of Peloponnese, by ferry from Italy. 

Where to stay in Peloponnese

When visiting Peloponnese the accommodation options are just countless. Visitors will find a vast variety of luxury villas and holiday villas in Peloponnese depending on their needs and available budget. The Greek Villas team is the expert for helping you with your holiday plan and will ensure not only you will get one of the best luxurious private villas in any part of Pelopoonnese but will also provide all top-notch VIP concierge services for the seamless and most enjoyable stay. 

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