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Cosmopolitan, elegant with ruggedly handsome sceneries & spectacular beaches

Come summer and the world's rich and famous start descending for their annual pilgrimage to the indisputable queen among Greek islands. At the same time posh and easy-going, Mykonos is first and foremost a party island with a pulsing nightlife. 

Having said that, you can spend your time in perfect isolation should you wish so -it is, after all, a safe haven for international celebs. Add to that the stunning beaches, stylish boutiques and top-notch restaurants, and you might begin to understand why this island has been a star since the '60s. The setting is typical Cycladic, a jagged slab smack in the middle of the Aegean, with its dramatic cliffs giving way to pristine beaches with crystal clear waters. 

Despite its early development, the island has thankfully stayed true to its vernacular architecture that calls for low-rise, stark-white buildings resembling bundles of cubes. If you want to enjoy a cosmopolitan lifestyle at one of the world's hottest party islands, or spend some quality time with your family without having to give up the luxuries of a world-class destination, Mykonos is your place to be. 

Mykonos Highlights

Delos and Rhenia

Today a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delos was once a spiritual hub for ancient Greece that flourished during Athens' golden age. The today deserted island was thought to be the birthplace of god Apollo and his sister Artemis. Charter a yacht and visit the island's archaeological sites and then head for the nearby island of Rhenia to enjoy the sun, sand and local cuisine.


Mykonos' picture-perfect Chora is a gem among Greek island towns. Wander around its cobbled streets, capture its photogenic churches, take in the vistas under the windmills and visit the art galleries and designer boutiques before lunching at one of the town's exquisite restaurants.

Little Venice

Fittingly named after Italy's fairy-tale city, Chora's Little Venice is one of the island's most romantic spots, its rugged waterfront houses bursting with colour as the sun dives into the cerulean horizon.

Panagia Paraportiani

Mykonos' post-card perfect church is one of Greece's most photographed sites. Comprising five small churches that were bundled together, their whitewashed walls reflecting the sun and posing a striking contrast with the azure sky.
What to do & see in Mykonos

As any self-respecting tourist guide will tell you, a tour to Delos is a must. Hop on one of the little boats that take you the tiny islet, once a religious powerhouse to ancient Greece and one of today's most important archaeological sites. If you're a fan of the arts and culture, you will find an array of cutting-edge galleries that host exhibitions of local and international artists. Shopping is a form of art, too, in Mykonos.

Walking through the  narrow alleys of the town, you will come across little local shops and luxury boutiques that are open until late at night during peak season. Island living is of course all about the beaches, and Mykonos is thankfully big enough to satisfy every taste. If you're in a cosmopolitan mood, head for Psarou, the favorite haunt of the rich and famous, or the fashionable bay of Panormos with its stylish beach restaurant.

If you want to escape the crowds, try Agios Sostis, Lia or Kapari. Mykonos is famed for its nightlife for a reason -the island is full of hip venues that range from easy-going seaside bars to pulsing night-clubs that host international DJs. If you're not in a party mood, you can stroll the village of Ano Mera to get a feel of old Mykonos, or watch a movie under the stars at the open-sky gardens of Cine Manto in Chora. 

Best beaches in Mykonos
Agia Anna Natural beauty, simplicity and calmness are what make Agia Anna one of the most beautiful coasts of Mykonos. Greenish waters and thin sand adorned with umbrellas of palm tree leaves, all in perfect tune with the area’s ambience.
Agios Sostis Fine white sand, gleaming turquoise waters and a pristine scenery that inspires instant tranquillity. Even if its somewhat crowded, Agios Sostis is one of the island's most relaxing and untouched beaches, attracting savvy travellers and locals alike.
Elia One of the favourite beaches for celebrities, Elia is a very long and wide coast with whitish sand and light blue transparent waters. Luxury services are in place while large yachts usually anchor in its bay.
Ftelia Renowned among watersports lovers, this is a fully organized beach with winds blowing almost always. When the sea is calm though, the place is like a lagoon divided in two by massive rocks.
Kalafatis A gorgeous fine-sand beach with brilliant blue waters favoured by windsurfers for its offshore breeze. The beach is well organised with loungers, waters ports and a diving school.
Kalo Livadi One of Mykonos’ hotspots and among its largest coasts featuring shallow waters and golden sand. Kalo Livadi is a partying spot with loud beach bars, many young people and an endless variety of facilities.
Kapari An isolated bay protected by a hillside, overlooking the island of Delos. Kapari is one of the island's best kept secrets and is frequented by visitors who want to escape the crowds.
Lia A quiet, organised beach protected by the merciless northern winds, with fine white sand and heavenly waters, tucked into the south-east coast of Mykonos.
Ornos A family beach with fine sand and crystal clear waters just a couple of kilometres away from the island's busting centre. Ornos is dotted with loungers and lined with restaurants and beach bars.
Panormos A fine-sand stretch with crystal clear waters and one of the country's best beach bars that offers exquisite dishes and a mouth-watering list of cocktails.
Paraga Very near Mykonos Hora, Paraga is a small yet charming beach with whitish sand, small pebbles and amazing views to Naxos, Delos & Paros. One of the most popular coasts on the island, ideal for snorkeling.
Platys Yalos An endless sun-kissed sandy coast, one of the longest on the island. Ideal for families, it offers all necessary beach amenities while located within the busy homonymous settlement with hotels, taverns and mini markets.
Psarou The glamorous bay of Psarrou gets frantic during peak season. Nevertheless, It is the place to be if you feel like sipping a bubbly and mingling with local and international celebs.
Super Paradise Super Paradise is as famous for the natural beauty of its setting, as it is for the wild parties that start from midday and drag on until late night. Studded with loungers and lined by bars and restaurants, the beach is one of the island's party hotspots.
Tigani & Fragia Tigania and Fragia are two isolated coves at the western tip of Mykonos. The two beaches are easier to access by sea, making them blissfully tranquil even during peak season.
How to get to Mykonos

Mykonos has an international airport that serves flights from many major cities around Europe and beyond. The old and the new port are connected to Pireuas, Rafina and many Greek islands including Paros, Naxos, Santorini and Crete.



Where to stay in Mykonos

This being Greece's most glamorous destination, there is an abundance of luxury villas to rent around the island. Villas in Mykonos range from spectacular sanctuaries at remote settings, to luxurious private villas in some of the island's hottest locations. Our Greek Villas team has strived to create a diverse collection of the island's most exquisite luxury villas that will satisfy any taste and need. 

The Mykonos Villas
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