Corfu, The noble nymph of the Ionian Sea

08 November 2018    /    by Vasiliki Kapralou     /    Published in Destination

Corfu stands out as a precious jewel in the Ionian Sea. The last stop of Odyssey in the island that is popular for the hospitality since Homer times, still possesses its impeccable beauty.

With abundant breathtaking sceneries that range from secluded beaches with emerald waters, to picturesque villages that maintain their unspoiled character, it’s easy to understand why many are in love with this island and have left piece of their heart there. 

Notorious for being a cosmopolitan lady many refer to Corfu as the Paris or Rome of Greece. It makes sense, since the Old Town of Corfu is perfumed by the Byzantine air of the East and the glorious geometry of the West. The influence of so many different cultures makes you travel back in time into a beautiful journey, where you realize that a charming blend of British, French and Venetian style exists in every corner of the island. The distinct Italian nobility seen on the numerous cobblestone narrow streets, along with the impressive buildings and magnificent monuments of the British and French colony. In the same impressive colonial style many of our luxury private villas are designed.

Corfu, The noble nymph of the Ionian Sea

Furthermore, despite the diverse architectural wise interest, the island of Corfu is blessed to have some of the best beaches of the Greece. From the North to the South of Corfu, there are pebbled and sandy beaches, isolated or famous for their natural beauty, and their spectacular sunsets, sheltered and peaceful ones with calm waters ideal for swimming or sailing with a boat. There are so many options to choose from, many private beautiful bays and little coves adorned by olive and eucalyptus trees, small pieces of paradise that are waiting to reveal their secrets.   

Alternatively, if you fancy spending time in touring Corfu with the car, you will definitely face any fear you might have with the narrow roads and many turns. Rocky old tracks and hills that are raising up your adrenaline, but they are promising spectacular scenic and amazing views. They reward you back!

Corfu, The noble nymph of the Ionian Sea

Either you chose to stay at the indulgent picturesque village of Saint Stefanos or at the sought-after village of Kassiopi we have you covered with our amazing collection of luxury villas in Corfu.   

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