The best villa destinations in Greece


Greece is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world, and whether you are looking for pristine coastline and crystal clear sea, ancient history and culture, world-class gastronomy and fantastic wine, some of the best beach clubs and renowned nightlife in the world, or simply somewhere wonderful to switch off and do nothing in absolute peace and quiet, then Greece is the place for you!  In fact, you could even experience all of the above all in one place.  From diving to some of the best sailing in the world, there’s something here for everyone – you can do everything or nothing…

Within Greece’s 6,000 islands, there are some wonderful villa destinations, not forgetting some incredible places on the mainland, and with so much choice, we understand that knowing where to start can be a little overwhelming…. Corfu, Mykonos, Paros…where to start?

We also understand that the logistics of travelling around Greece can seem a little daunting, even to regular visitors, but we are here to help.  Whether this is your first time to Greece, or if you have visited many times, we can offer expert advice and help you choose the perfect place for you.  We can put all of your travel plans in place, so all you need to do is relax and pack your suitcase!

We love nothing more to speak on the phone and discuss your requirements so that we can make some recommendations, and we have hundreds of top luxury villas, in hugely diverse destinations throughout Greece, but the following island guides may also provide you with some inspiration for your next luxury holidays in Greece.

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